Hi, I’m Santhya and I’m one of the person behind the samaiyalkattu blog. ‘Samaiyalkattu’ means kitchen in Tamil. I wanted to go for an authentic name for the blog and my brilliant writer friend neeru obliged. In fact without her, this blog wouldn’t have been here. Me and my friend Neeraja started this food blog on an impulse.

Here’s something about me: I’m a mom of a 3 year old; A vegan and a hardcore food fanatic. I never knew I had the passion for cooking until I started my career as a software engineer. Long story short, I live to eat good food and I love to experiment and mess up my cute little kitchen. I have always struggled with weight issues and PCOS, so I went sugar free and (a little) Gluten free. We stopped buying white sugar in our house a month back. So, most of my recipes here are sugar free.

Why Vegan

I became a vegan after my PCOD and hirsutism problems doubled suddenly. It was just for health reasons. But then, I read an article on how the calves were not allowed to drink milk from their mothers. As a breastfeeding mum, that article broke my heart. I was a born and brought up vegetarian, so milk was “supposed” to be a source of calcium for us.  They were so appalled by my decision. I was indecisive which made me dig deep on veganism. I watched all the amazing documentaries in netflix, read some books and many tears later, I became a hardcore vegan. I feel so peaceful and happy physically and mentally. I wish to continue this journey throughout my life.

Do let us know your comments on the recipes. We really appreciate it.


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