The amazing Spinach Celery Smoothie

Never have I ever skipped breakfast in my life. Hell, I will get cranky like a 3 year old, if I’m hungry in the morning. My breakfast was usually pancakes, Idli (Steamed rice cakes) or dosa (rice or lentil crepes). Though I love my cooked food in the morning, I was always drawn to the concept of having smoothie as a meal replacement. Well, scared is the right word. Scared of going hungry after a while of course.


I decided to change my eating pattern again last week. We got a vegan chocolate from costco and I stuffed my face with it all week. Bad idea!

You see, with pcos already wrecking me, I have to be wise in my food choices. I already cleaned up my pantry of any animal products. But, sugar is my biggest weakness. From the moment I watched this documentary on sugar, I convinced my hubs not to buy white sugar anymore. We switched to coconut palm sugar a year back and I’m loving it. But, there are times I slip up and buy some vegan sugary stuff and eat them all at once.

You see, PCOS has a way of telling you that you made a wrong food choice , by giving you pimples on the chin. By the time I realised my mistake, I got some on my forehead as well. Why? Why me? It’s like my body was designed to eat healthy.

Anyways, I had to make peace with it and clean up the mess. No creams or face wash works faster than a raw vegan diet. I’m eating an almost raw food for almost a week now, till evening and my face cleared up faster than I have seen before.

This smoothie is my breakfast! I can’t believe myself when I say I’m having a smoothie for breakfast!  This tastes absolutely delicious and keeps me full till lunch. That’s what I want in a breakfast. Plus, I get this crazy energy throughout the day. What I have noticed from green smoothies is that , my hair fall has gone way down.

The Amazing Spinach celery smoothie

Spinach Celery Smoothie


  • Almond milk – 1.5 cup
  • Peanut Butter – 1 Tbsp
  • spinach – Handful
  • One stalk of celery
  • 1 tsp flax seeds
  • Banana – 1 Medium sized
  • Dates – 4 or 5 (depending on the sweetness you want)
  • Grapes – Handful (optional)


Blend everything in a high powered blender and enjoy!


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