Chocolate Mug cake (Flourless & Vegan)

This is such an easy recipe. You can whip this up in less than 5 minutes. Best of all, this is vegan, Flourless and no refined sugar. I wanted to post this recipe a long time ago, but I kept eating the specimen before I could photograph. Let me warn you, DO NOT lick the spoon before popping the batter in the microwave, you might end up eating it raw :). It tastes like a chocolate mousse before cooking (don’t ask me how I knew this 🙂 )  It has a fudgy, brownie taste to it which I absolutely love. I have used crunchy peanut butter for this recipe. Any nut butter should work fine for this.


I have made this mug cake a LOT and LOT of times and it never fails 🙂 This is such a dangerous recipe because you might end up eating it every single day! You just have to do one important step to make this cake right. Turn the microwave to the lowest power and cook for 2 minutes. Its wise to check halfway since overcooking the mug cake will result in a rubbery or hard cake. I kept my 1200 watt microwave in Power 3 and cooked this cake for 2 minutes.


Chocolate mug cake (GF &Vegan)

Prep time: 5 minutes

Peanut Butter or Almond butter – 2 Tbs
Cocoa powder – 2 Tbs
Coconut palm sugar – 2 Tbs
vanilla extract – 1/8 tsp
Almond milk –  2 Tbs
Baking soda –  a pinch

Mix all the ingredients in a microwave safe mug and pop it in the microwave (at lowest power – I kept it at power 3) for 2 minutes. Take the cake out and enjoy! or you can wait for a couple of minutes for the cake to cool down 🙂

Note: You can also make this recipe with maple syrup. Just substitute the coconut sugar to maple syrup and reduce the milk to 1 TBSP.

Till next time!


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  1. awesome! thanks for sharing


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