Vegan Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

I Live to eat them. I always wanted to try a healthier version of chocolate at home. You can control the ingredients that goes into the recipe. But, there is always a downside :  you can’t control how much you eat! (I respect you, if you have that self discipline) 🙂


When I saw a cute pink colored heart shaped ice cube mold at ikea, I jumped like a little girl 🙂 I could barely stop myself from making chocolate the same day if I wasn’t beat. My husband always give me a raised eyebrow when I make something from scratch. Mainly because, I will “proof” eat them all. By the time he gets home, all he can see is the vessels with traces of chocolate on them. I always make sure to discard my evidence first hand, but sometimes I get lazy and he finds out. I have made these chocolates couple of times and he never even tasted these once. This time I feel like sharing – only a little. Hey, don’t judge me, I made chocolate 🙂  Let’s just say I will be making LOTS AND LOTS of these in the forthcoming days. I mean, its healthy to eat chocolate right? 🙂


Okay, now to the recipe. I have tried quite a few versions of this vegan chocolate. I tried with coconut oil, cocoa powder and honey alone, but did not like the taste of overpowering coconut-y flavor. I wanted the chocolate to be a bit creamier. I know it’s a lot to ask without cocoa butter, but i had to try 🙂


I added a little bit of more cocoa and some vanilla almond milk to the base recipe. Boy, it made a lot of difference and knocked out the coconut flavor to my tolerance level.



Vegan chocolate (refined sugar free):

Coconut oil (melted) – 1/2 cup

Cocoa powder – 1 cup

Almond milk – 2 tbsp

vanilla extract – 1 tsp

maple syrup or honey – 1/3 cup (Increase to 1/2 cup if you want it very sweet)

salt – a pinch


  • Melt the coconut oil in a double boiler. Sift the cocoa powder and mix it to the melted coconut oil. Make sure that no lumps are formed.
  • Add in the rest of the ingredients. Pour it into the mold and pop in freezer for a couple of minutes. Take them out and DEVOUR!

Note: You can also use coconut palm sugar as a sweetener. Just substitute 1/3 cup honey to coconut sugar. But coconut sugar is gritty and wont dissolve well. You can dissolve the sugar in milk first and add in with rest of the ingredients.

These chocolates will melt at room temperature, since it has coconut oil. So make sure to refrigerate or freeze them.  I also read in some food blogs, that its not suitable for baking. I want to try it myself and make sure to refine this recipe baking friendly!. Till then!!!


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